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Monday 26th of July
From The Desk Of Bob Nuno
Full Time Internet Marketer

Sending the right visitors to the right websites AND doing this in volumes requires skill. However without traffic your website or blog will suffer and eventually be costing you more in maintainance.

Even the best sales copy and all the time and effort you put into getting your product online will go to waste UNLESS you can get fresh visitors to your site on a regular basis.

Right now you can get your hands on over 32 traffic generating methods that will ensure your sites are never left without visitors...

Module 1.1 - Free Traffic Foundation

Module 1.2 - Free Traffic Research

Module 1.3 - Free Traffic Homebase

Watch this video as we properly lay the groundwork for getting unlimited free website traffic. In this video we'll walk you through the process of finding out what topics and keywords you should be aiming towards. A blog is needed for your visitors to hang out and interact with you and your business. Watch this video for setting up your home base.

Module 2 - Visitor Traffic Optimizer

Module 3 - Lead Traffic Maximizer

Module 4 - Covert Traffic Converter

Discover how to track & optimize your traffic to get the most from your campaigns through split testing. Find out how to setup a lead capture system to build your list & maximize your traffic. Master the art of conversions and convert traffic into sales to make more money from your visitors.

Module 5 - Social Traffic Strategy

Module 6 - Facebook Traffic Formula

Module 7 - Google+ Traffic Formula

Discover the art of using social media to drive high converting traffic to your website. Market on facebook to connect with your target audience and get massive free traffic. Discover how to implement Google+ in your marketing strategy to generate more social traffic.

Module 8 - Pinterest Traffic Formula

Module 9 - LinkedIn Traffic Formula

Module 10.1 - Video Traffic System

Find out how to properly use images on Pinterest to get traffic and build brand awareness. Watch this video to use LinkedIn to get traffic and target professionals in your niche. Find out how to use YouTube as a social network to get lots of traffic, leads & sales.

Module 10.2 - Video Traffic System

Module 11 - YouTube Videos in Organic Search

Module 12 - YouTube SEO Watch Time

With YouTube being ranked as the second most popular site on the web it's more important to master video traffic. Find out how to use YouTube as a social network to get lots of traffic, leads & sales. Learn advanced techniques about YouTube videos and organic search and discover its significance in driving free traffic to your site and your business. One of the things to consider regarding YouTube videos is relevance & ‘watch time’. Discover how to find out if people are watching your videos and how to increase your watch time.

Module 13 - YouTube Clickable Links

Module 14 - Embed Live Google+ Hangout Events

Module 15 - Solo Ads

In this video, we'll talk about having clickable links to your offers, websites and YouTube videos and why this is very important in your marketing efforts Google Hangouts is very similar to doing a webinar, and this is very important as it attracts targeted visitors. I’ll talk about Google Hangouts and more in this video. Discover why using solo ads is a cost efficient way of getting traffic to your site and its significance to your overall traffic plan.

Module 16 - Product Creation

Module 17 - Forum Signature Marketing

Module 18 - Amazon Kindle

Here we’ll show you how you can use JVZoo to create a product, and use the product to further get traffic to your website Actively participate in forums and help other people for traffic. Watch this video to see how it's done right. Get people to your website by writing books and posting it in sites like Amazon Kindle. Watch this video to see how it's done.

Module 19 - Offline and QR Codes

Module 20 - Traffic With Udemy

An awesome way of getting offline traffic to your website is by using QR codes & tear sheets. We’ll talk about QR codes, tear sheets, and much more in this video. Udemy is great for creating new courses for people who want to learn different subjects. Discover how you can use this platform to reach out to more people and get more traffic to your site

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Ever wanted to start your own eCommerce Store but concerned with how to go about promoting it? eCommerce Traffic Secrets covers the best practices to generating traffic specifically to your store. Normally sold seperately for $17, act now to get this course absolutely free!

Bonus Module 1 - Affiliate Program For Your Store

Bonus Module 2 - Blogging For Traffic

Bonus Module 3 - Store Optimization

Maximize your income with the marketing power of affiliates. Watch this video as we explain the process of setting up lucrative referral program. Create a strong readership and loyal following through great content on your blog. This video explains how a simple blog can boost your sales. There are several marketing strategies you can implement to keep the sales rolling in. Great for maintaining cash flow and keeping your business afloat.

Bonus Module 4 - Search Engine Optimization

Bonus Module 5 - Social Traffic Methods Part 1

Bonus Module 6 - Social Traffic Methods Part 2

Capitalize on the search engines and get your website seen for specific keywords and keyphrases. In this video we'll cover methods to generate traffic to your eCommerce Store through Shopify and Facebook. In this video we'll cover methods to generate traffic to your eCommerce Store through Instagram.

Bonus Module 7 - Social Traffic Methods Part 3

Bonus Module 8 - Traffic With Reddit

Bonus Module 9 - Video Marketing Methods

In this video we'll cover methods to generate traffic to your eCommerce Store through Pinterest. An often overlooked source of traffic, we'll discuss how to take advantage of a social bookmark for more untapped traffic. Why explain something when you can show your audience instead? In this video we'll explain the best practices for creating your own videos.

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